Dickinson County Freedom Rock & Lake Park Veteran's Memorial

The Dickinson County Freedom RockLake Park has been given a great honor to be the host of a "Freedom Rock" on the Freedom Rock Tour. With this honor, we have decided to also honor our community Veterans who gave all to protect us and preserved the freedoms we enjoy.

What is the Freedom Rock

The original Freedom Rock is located in Adair County, just 1½ miles south of Interstate 80 on Iowa Highway 25, or 12 miles north of Greenfield. It is repainted every year by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II just in time for Memorial Day.

Bubba is a nationally known for his patriotic murals, and has been asked to go all over the country painting these murals. As he was touring the country, he thought it would be a cool tourism draw to have a "Freedom Rock" in all 99 counties in Iowa. Even though he wouldn't be able to repaint them each year like the original, this will be one-of-a-kind statewide Veterans Memorial that will lead tourists across our state to see each rock, providing small towns with unique tourist attraction.

How it came to Lake Park

When Lake Park American Legion Post #371 Commander James Kessler heard about this opportunity, he asked and received permission from the Post and the City to apply for the "Freedom Rock" in Dickinson County.

After hearing Lake Park will receive the Dickinson County Freedom Rock, a committee was formed to finance the project as well as place a Veterans Memorial around it. The Memorial will honor all Veterans of the Lake Park community with the Freedom Rock honoring the Veterans of Dickinson County. The Freedom Rock/Veterans Memorial will be placed just east of the Lake Park Community Center in Veterans Park.

The design

The layout of the memorial shows the unity between all the branches and our veterans. Each military branch is represented by field rock set in the middle of a circle signifying that branch's activity and retired service members. All those rings intersect with the center ring around the Freedom Rock showing the unity of all those who served or are serving. The top circle, as you enter the Memorial from the south, is in honor of the families who have also sacrificed in their support of their service member.

In between the branch's rings, the engraved pavers with those honored family members will be placed.

Also as you enter the Memorial you will see the flag of our country flanked by our state flag and the POW/MIA flag leading the way. You will also see the 5 service flags behind the Memorial protecting us from all those that threaten our freedoms.

The Dickinson County Freedom Rock and Lake Park Veteran's MemorialThis Memorial made of field stone signifies the strength and determination of those that have come from Dickinson County and surrounding area.

The Freedom Rock/Veterans Memorial will be a lasting tribute to all those who have served our country, are currently serving our country and/or will be serving our country well into the future. Your generous contributions will help us to carry out this great honor.

There are several ways you can help honor the Veterans of our great Country and Community.

All donations will be listed in our dedication programs as well as in a book on display at the Memorial. This book will also contain all the names of those who have been honored with pavers in the Memorial.

Each donation is tax deductible and a letter with appropriate information will be provided upon request.

If you would like to donate or purchase a flag or paver, please download and fill out the donation form. If you would like to purchase Freedom Rock apparel, download and fill out the apparel form. Place the form and your check in an envelope and send to:

Freedom Rock/Veterans Memorial
P.O. Box 121
Lake Park, IA 51347.

Please put Freedom Rock/Veterans Memorial in the memo line of your check as well.


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website: freedomrock.lakeparkia.com